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Название трека: Dusk Till Dawn

Mp3 длится: 04:42

Выложено: 2016-02-21

Текст прочитали: 318

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Автор: Gothminister

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Into the blackness where our minds can flee the real life
Behind the curtain there's a place where we can all hide
Here live the dark ones we are standing side by side
Towards the night we raise our arms
Into the afterworld we ride

Beyond the wonders
The time has come
To join our forces
And be as one
Beyond the wonders
We all stand tall
And regret nothing
From dusk till dawn

Escape the fright; the presence of diabolic silence
Here is redemption, here is our own asylum
Inside the red inferno
Another hunt is on
I'll take you to the other side
Where you will never be alone

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