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Название трека: This is Who We Are

Mp3 длится: 03:45

Выложено: 2015-12-21

Текст прочитали: 162

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Автор: Hawthorne Heights

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Between the future and the past tense
Lies the present in the distance
So you think we're never coming back?
Scoring points for passion and persistence

Between the lines and the highway
Lies the danger and the safety
You never thought this was gonna last
I always knew you'd never take it back
I always knew (i always knew)

Chorus: x2
I know it seems like we're never coming back
I know it feels like we're never coming back
You tried your best and you knew it wouldn't last
They were the words that she placed on her casket

Between the sadness and the smile
Lies the flicker of the fire
You always said this never hurt you
I always said you were a liar
with all the towers and the wires
There still lies a little silence
Two hearts and one connection
One voice lacks emotion now
I always knew (i always knew)

Chorus x2

Instead of flowers like words that never mattered
Close it off- forget about the sadness (close it off- forget about the sadness)
He always said she should have tried crying
blaming him as she was lying down

Not coming back (Not coming back) x2

Chorus x2

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